Initial Therapy Consultation for Adults

The initial consultation is scheduled for 60 minutes, during which time I meet with the individual and review the current issues at hand, complete a thorough history, and discuss a potential treatment plan.  At times a second or third session might be indicated during the initial consultation.


I offer corporate consultations and ongoing work typically in one of two forms: sessions with individuals or sessions with business partners and teams.  I use principles of psychotherapy to understand individuals and teams.  I also identify obstacles that might be preventing employees and groups from optimizing their performance – similar to “performance coaching."  I can address conflict resolution, team building, and the identification of - and strategizing to overcome - challenges in the corporate setting.  I do offer such services at the workplace, if requested.


The initial session is scheduled for 60 minutes, during which time I meet with both members of the couple to understand their challenges and goals and discuss treatment plans.


The first two or three sessions with a child or adolescent are scheduled for 60 minutes, during which time I meet with the child or adolescent and caregivers together, the caregivers on their own, and the child or adolescent alone.  A follow-up session with the child or adolescent and the caregivers is scheduled for approximately one week later, which allows me time to gather information from outside sources (pediatricians, schools, etc.), with the family's consent, of course.  In that follow-up session, or in a third session if indicated, I review my thoughts and recommendations with families, and together we discuss next steps.

Ongoing Play Therapy, Psychotherapy, and Couples Therapy

Therapy appointments are typically scheduled for 50 minutes once or more than once per week. 

Ongoing Medication Management

If medication management is needed throughout the course of therapy, we will address and discuss any medication-related issues as they come up throughout the course of your treatment.