Overall Approach

Thank you for considering entrusting me with your care.  I recognize that taking the step to see a therapist, or even contact one, might seem intimidating.  I also realize that choosing a therapist is an important decision that is influenced by many factors.  

I approach each person, whether adult, child, teen, or member of a couple, compassionately and comprehensively.  I spend time with individuals, couples, and families discussing their lives.  I try to understand people's experiences and thereby determine the best treatment plan for and with them.  When offering recommendations, I talk about why and how I reached those recommendations.  Together, we decide what the next steps should be.   


My approach to psychotherapy (i.e., therapy or treatment for emotional challenges) is based on making a strong connection with people.  I aim to establish non-judgmental and caring relationships. Through those relationships, I want to learn as much as I can about the people I see.  I want to help identify patterns of behavior and thoughts that might impact their lives.  Through this process of therapy I can help people understand themselves better.  

In more technical terms, my approach intertwines principles of psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  I also draw on elements of cognitive behavioral and interpersonal therapies, when appropriate.  I aim to understand the emotional challenges that the individuals I see are facing, offer new perspectives, and be effectively supportive along the way.

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, I meet and discuss matters with both members of the couple present.  I draw on various therapeutic strategies during the session and make attempts to understand situations from the perspectives of both members of the couple.


If medication is recommended, I spend time discussing with individuals and families their views on medication and the medication itself before prescribing anything.  If I do prescribe medication, it is done in the context of seeing a person in psychotherapy, and I view the medication as one part of a larger treatment plan and not the entire treatment itself.